November 23, 2023

Columbia undergrads organize a tech trek to Santiago

Columbia undergraduate students visited Santiago during the Thanksgiving break. They visited Fundación Chile, Betterfly, Nubox, ACU Abogados, NotCo, Zeppelin, BCI and Daedalus Ventures as part of a tech trek. The Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs organized the trip to expose the students to Chilean entrepreneurship and technological advancements. Student Hassane Fiteni contacted the Columbia Alumni Association of Chile to ask for help with the trip organization. Board members Jorge Domínguez Cruzat and Alex Hazbún organized them some site visits. During their time in Santiago, students met with alumni living in Chile to celebrate Thanksgiving at La Resistencia Café in Providencia. 


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  • Graciela Ibáñez
    published this page in Gallery 2023-12-01 13:28:07 -0300